remembering new york

with the

high violet

(image de rijke/ de rooij)

"Sorrow found me

when I was young
Sorrow waited,
sorrow won.”

Sorrow, High Violet...

Matt Berninger’s notebook of lyrics
for The National
(via nytimes..

“High Violet” is the National’s latest album for their time.
It’s the world according to a man who isn’t getting any younger,
mostly wants to be a good father and husband and employee and friend —
and might be happy, but for all that resistance he thinks he keeps tamped in his own head.

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He used to be the Great White Hope, the hero of his own box-size living room.
Now he’s got a kid on his shoulder, lives on coffee and cut flowers while thinking about clearing out of the Silver City and going back to Ohio where life is simpler —
until you get there and remember why you left.

(luisa lambri, here..)

"i think the kids are in trouble
i do not know what all the troubles are for
give them ice for their fevers you're the only thing i ever want anymore
we'll live on coffee and flowers
try not to wonder what the weather will be
i figured out what we're missing
tell you miserable things after you are asleep."

conversation 16

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