De Lisle.

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i will have you, yes i will have you, like a butterfuly, i will capture you.

Charles de Lisle Workshop

643 Seventh St
San Francisco, CA 94103
take a look at portfolio here.
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(blue slab table, rope fixture. all white painting
with an all white wall! sign me up.

"Charles De Lisle was all set to enroll in the architecture program at the University of California, Berkeley. But then, while surveying a grand living room by Michael Taylor, came his "aha" moment. "Why spend years and go into debt when I already had skill sets for interior design," mused De Lisle, who was already a trained ceramicist, welder, and lighting designer. This sudden perception led to his joining forces with designers Marion Philpotts-Miller and Jonathan Staub. Today, 10-year-old De Lisle, Philpotts & Staub Interiors maintains offices in San Francisco and Honolulu, with a workload evenly split between residential and commercial projects."

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the dining room.
cue the music!

"The Charles de Lisle Workshop, a design practice focused on interiors, attentive personalized service, the innovation & execution of handmade custom furnishings, concept design and visual brand identification.

The Charles de Lisle Workshop developed from Charles’ successful years as creative director, principal & partner at the firm De lisle, Philpotts & Staub. Our present practice continues to assist our clients in achieving award winning, quality residences, vacation homes, hotels and restaurants. The idea of a workshop has evolved though an eighteen year history of producing inventive ceramics, metalwork, custom furniture, product design, co-branding and collaborative design consultation."

seriously, go to
the site here to see more..
and the whole house here..