"the things i make are variable,
as simple as possible,

-charlotte posenenske

"She stopped working as an artist in 1968, no longer believing that art could influence social interaction or draw attention to social inequalities. Instead, she turned her attention to sociology until her death in 1985, becoming a specialist in employment and industrial working processes. She refused to visit any exhibitions during this period, or show her work. There have been a few posthumous exhibitions of her ‘Square Tubes’, mainly in galleries and public spaces. Only now, displayed in the context of her entire artistic output, does her significance to the history of Modernity become apparent. "

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"The Series DW is part of the larger body of work, Square Tubes, that was first shown at the influential Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf in 1967. The Square Tubes are modular constructions made up of 4 or 6 standardised elements that can be bolted into different combinations; they stand, lie or hang. These technoid and hollow objects are manufactured industrially from cheap sheet metal or corrugated cardboard and are therefore endlessly reproducible just like consumer goods. The figurations are as a matter of principle unfinished, expandable and therefore variable. The collapsibility of the corrugated cardboard elements highlights the relationship between surface and inner spatiality, which is at the same time a comment on the monumentality of architectural construction. "

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