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"the inner workings
of memory,
and sentiment. "

David Noonan

David Noonan:
Text by Jennifer Higgie.
Published by JRP|Ringier

"London-based Australian artist David Noonan works with found photographic imagery taken from performance manuals, textile patterns and archive photographs to make densely layered montages. These works at once suggest specific moments in time and invoke disorientating atemporal spaces from which myriad narratives emerge."

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"DAVID NOONAN fuses image with image in evocative and uncanny treatments of materials, objects and figures.

Noonan reworks archival photographs of people, places and events to produce an almost cinematic sense of shared time and space. His paneled sculptures, bleach paintings, collages, silk-screens, wallpapers and films intrigue and disquiet with their compelling convergence of myth and realism.

Noonan’s work explores the inner workings of memory, connotation, and sentiment. His amalgams of documents and textures resonate with a psychic force, producing fictional histories and imaginary landscapes that provoke, disquiet, and charm.

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