france, 1950's.

(in the manner of Mathieu Mategot.)

Mathieu Mategot.....

"Born in 1910 in Hungary, but of French nationality, Mathieu Mategot was an officer of the Order of the Arts and Letters.

He had started as a decorator of the theatre, but in 1939 he developed an interest in tapestry. In 1950, the French government acquired his tapestry “Metamorphoses”. This begins an international career to design monumental works at his Rouen atelier.
In 1965 the counsel general of the Seine-Martime commisions a piece of 85 meters. The art of Mategot is a happy alliane between utility and tradition and rapport of modern techniques that allows him to unfold a new aesthetique.
In 1949 he designs numerous pieces of furniture in perforated metal with unequalled elegance achieving much success. Mategot launches himself in a career as decorator and furniture designer. The quality of the production and originality makes Mategot one of the precursors of contemporary French design. In the 60’s he accepted a post of professor of art at the prestigious l’Ecole des Beaux Arts at Nancy.
Mathieu Mategot ended his life in February, 2001 at Angers, France. He was 90 years old."