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donald judd

(i can't stop looking at these
interior shots, thinking
of ny, in the 60's.)


a place for family, a place for art!

(i love how larry bell's sculpture gets a stand,
but the television sits on the floor!)

Donald Judd and 101 Spring Street

In 1968, Donald Judd purchased 101 Spring Street, a 5-story cast iron building, which today remains the only single use cast iron building in SoHo. The premises was a home for Judd and his young family, provided a studio for him to work in, and also provided a forum for him to begin his process of installing his work and the work of others in a permanent fashion.

In the Summer of 2010 the house will close for 3 years for a major restoration, and in commemoration of this Nicholas Robinson Gallery and Maurice Tuchman will curate an exhibition of artworks by those artists whose works formed the permanent installation at the time of the artist’s death in 1994. Including examples by Hans Arp, Larry Bell, John Chamberlain, Marcel Duchamp, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, David Novros, Claes Oldenburg, Ad Reinhardt, Lucas Samaras, Kurt Schwitters and Frank Stella, and archival material from the Judd Foundation the exhibition seeks to celebrate the house as both a home and a vital meeting place and conduit in the lives and works of these seminal artists.

go to Nicholas Robinson Gallery
here for full photos
and press release.

work desk.

collage of interiors of interior of judd's spring street home.
i'd love to walk this space.
maybe do a sketch up would be fun practice?.

via mondoblogo here.

“The given circumstances were very simple: the floors must be open; the right angle of windows on each floor must not be interrupted; and any changes must be compatible. My requirements were that the building be useful for living and working and more importantly, more definitely, be a space in which to install work of mine and of others. At first, I thought the building large, but now I think it small; it didn't hold much work after all. I spent a great deal of time placing the art and a great deal designing the renovation in accordance.”

thanks mondoblogo
for posting this!
wish i was in new york
to see this show.