fluxus coloring book.

Go forth and
be Fluxus.
Go forth and do Fluxus.
And report back once in a while."

- Allen Bukoff



""Often controversial, willing to argue with each other and with the common view of art, Fluxus participants were diverse in goals and divergent in viewpoint. The work was rooted in science and social practice as well as in art, resolutely experimental, profoundly theoretical and often didactic. These factors made Fluxus difficult to describe. Lacking a common sensibility or a trademark style, Fluxus was overlooked by an art market that defined the art history of recent decades. This situation has changed. Historical studies now locate Fluxus as a primary source of conceptual art, intermedia and performance art and Fluxus includes founding figures of video art, installation, mail art and Internet. Neglected by the market-oriented art world, Fluxus became a source of ideas and practices adopted by fields ranging from architecture and industrial design to culture theory and psychology."

"The Fluxus movement emerged in New York in the 60's, moving to Europe, and eventually to Japan. The movement encompassed a new aesthetic that had already appeared on three continents. That aesthetic encompasses a reductive gesturality, part Dada, part Bauhaus and part Zen, and presumes that all media and all artistic disciplines are fair game for combination and fusion. Fluxus presaged avant-garde developments over the last 40 years."