A project in 6 parts. "objects in/around the home"

John Orth, of Holopaw.

Part 4. Leis and flower rings, oh my!
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4. Leis

Up until a few years ago an original Indian River Fruit Stand still stood on A1A in St. Augustine, Florida. It was an open air souvenir shop that had spindly palm trees growing through holes cut in the orange and white aluminum awning that fringed the building.

My friend Alison and I visited the shop each time she was in town for the holidays. To our amazement, much of the original stock was still on the shelves.

Our purchases over the years included hand painted coconut shell banks, lucite dolphins embedded with shells and glitter, a postcard that read "Sweating my ass off in Florida" and a set of pink and white plastic leis.

"Oh, so many boys, so many boys, so many boys,
so many antlers to be tossed off.
Oh, so many pearls, so many pearls, so many pearls,
so many pearls to be polished off.

It's all over, all over, all over, my lovely little twist.
It's all over, all over, all over.
Your face is a mess."

- Holopaw
"Little Stallion with a Glass Jaw"

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