A project in 6 parts. "objects in/around the home"

John Orth, of Holopaw.

Part 3. The Silver Snowflakes.

3. Silver Snowflakes

"On tropical summer days I close myself into my front room.
The walls are painted a cool, aquarium blue.
The staghorn fern hung outside the window diffuses the sunlight into shades of shadowy green.
I listen to a pulse lulling mix that might include
Arthur Russell or Blossom Dearie
and watch the silver wire snowflakes hung in front of the window unit whirl."

"Snowflakes whip past my ears...
singing songs with glass-pitched choruses (like singing saws, with cobra hips)
rushing in with stinging kisses.
I see you through the igloo glass... your mittens on the bedside table.
You lose your grip on locquats. They fall into the snow.
These little embers."

- lyrics to "igloo glass"
by holopaw..

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