A project in 6 parts. "objects in/around the home"

John Orth, of Holopaw.

Part 2. The Rabbit

2. Rabbit
I have a small collection of concrete lawn ornaments, half of which I keep inside.
The rabbit is my favorite. He sits atop a cabinet in my bathroom.
His pink, marbled eyes have an intensity that seem to imply the unknown trauma that left him with two wire, cartoon tracings where his ears had once been.

"Tonight let them be what they will never truly be.
Don't call them out as barn swallows
but 'terror on the wing'.
Let me be what I will always be.

I took a step towards the dark,
the dark took a step towards me.
All holes. No Glory...
the cherry glow,
only rubies reflecting in the early snow."

-"oh glory" by holopaw

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