P o r t r a i t o f a M a n

Portrait of a Man
Pt. 15

"David times 19"
House of David.

Formerly Nat King's Cole's home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles.
3rd St. and Muirfield Rd.

The house is now owned by Norbert Youngwood.

"Apparently the owner, Norbert Youngwood,
after neighbors expressed displeasure over his erecting a single statue of David, retaliated by adding 18 brothers of various sizes."

"It is one of most recognizable sculptures in the world, a monument to the perfect male form, a paramount symbol of Renaissance art.

Michelangelo's "David." Norwood Young's got 17 of them.
They line his mansion's semicircular driveway--two sets of eight 3-foot-high replicas on column pedestals, flanking each side of a diminutive "Venus de Milo."

A lone "David" sits atop Young's roof, along with six plaster models of Greco Roman-style busts. The statues are irregular, each one slightly different from the other.

Young, who set up the statues a year ago, thinks he's improved the neighborhood. The neighborhood--stately, affluent Hancock Park--strongly disagrees..."

taken from 1997 LA times article.

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