Coveted Objects

"all holes
no glory!"

florida style....

John Orth, of Holopaw,
one of my favorite vocalist, has
delivered me gorgeous images of coveted objects around
his 1920's Gainesville, Florida home.

I'll be posting these images, along with statements and stories.
by John over the next few days. I'm honored
he has contributed to YHBHS, and I eagerly await Holopaw's
return to Los Angeles.

Their latest album, "Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness." has been
on constant rotation in my home for months.
Listen to excerpts here!

"Oh, Glory is motivated by desires thwarted and passions unrequited,
and Orth's practiced quaver conveys an appropriate urgency and renders these songs as breathless inner monologues."

via pitchfork here...

Until then,
go to John Orth is the Hobbyist, here!
and go to Holopaw's site here!

image above
via mike taylor & jessica strang,
via "the retelling."
go here to see more images
inspired by Holopaw's latest album,

"Cup my hands to the headphones,
close my eyes, hold my breath,
lean across the table,
over the tundra into the night...
to hear your ticks and pings,
shifting in your seat,
bristling of your beard,
scuffling of your feet under the table,
your swallows, your measured songbird sips."

The Last Transmission (Honeybee)