The Bubble Lamp

The Bubble Lamp:

"George Nelson Bubble Lamp H-725: $35.00"
original price!

"George Nelson created the "Bubble Lamp" line for Howard Miller in 1947. Howard Miller continued to sell the line throughout the late 1970's after which they were discontinued. George Nelson never named the different lamp designs and they were simply given numbers by Howard Miller. A large Saucer lamp was simply sold under "Bubble Lamp H-727", a large Ball lamp was sold under "Bubble Lamp H-725".

Howard Miller sold a variety of handy accessories for the lamps including a tripod base of satin chrome or brass-finished steel, swing arms, adjustable pulley fixture, etc. Also interesting to note is that all Bubble Lamps were available with criss-cross wire pattern except models H-725, H-726, H-727 and H-728. In order to get a criss-cross wire pattern from your dealer, you simply specified the order with "CC" after the lamp number. "

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"Howard Miller did not sell the lamps directly, rather outsourced the sales to "Richards Morgenthau, Inc" who handled their national sales. In the 1990's Modernica reissued the "Bubble Lamp" line and "named" each individual Bubble Lamp design, for example Saucer, Ball, Criss-Cross, etc. The image on the top right was created by George Nelson Associates and was printed on most sales brochures of the Bubble lamps."

"Junk is the rusty, lovely, brilliant symbol of the dying years of your time.

Junk is your ultimate landscape." - George Nelson

bubble in production!

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waiting patiently to be sold.

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criss cross!