Arthur Erickson

"The Architect of Soul"

"Erickson also designed a string of wonderful houses in Vancouver, California, Washington State and Hawaii. Specific to their site and owners, they feature simple, strong horizontal planes and surfaces that incorporate ideas about contemporary living. Unlike many new houses today, his buildings were not about image or bulk, but tended to disappear into the landscape.

Despite his stature, Erickson has had a tough time. Starting in 1989, each of his offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and Saudi Arabia fell into bankruptcy.

architect, and lamps.
Arthur Erickson

Erickson once wrote: "With light as the palette ... we can bring soul and spirit back into architecture and perhaps find our own souls in the process."

"To him ... the way we experience its anatomy, its vistas and its spatial passages, rather than its surface and structure, opens up 'the spiritual dimension of architecture,."

states Nicholas Olsberg

"A 1961 trip to Japan changed his life. The Japanese used concrete like he had never seen before, with an appreciation of its richly textured surface and strength of expression of form. He would become what one writer called "a virtuoso of concrete."

1965, table lamps


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images above, 1977 Pacific Northwest Home.