monday exclusive.

(mark dutcher, above.. here.)

"monday exclusive, tuesday exclusive, sorry
i am, not for you, for me
the right stuff
the right stuff
the right stuff
the right stuff
feels like the right stuff i can't explain it
i can't get used to no advice she i can't
the right stuff
the right stuff"

lyrics by the sadly missed, life without buildings.
watch them here.

"Life Without Buildings was a Glasgow, Scotland based indie rock band. The band, mostly ex-students of the Glasgow School of Art, formed during the summer of 1999. The band initially consisted of Will Bradley (drums), Chris Evans (bass) and Robert Johnston (guitar). Painter Sue Tompkins (vocals) joined later that year. Sue's "talk-sung" vocals eventually became the band's most famous attribute. Impressed after their first London gig, the Rough Trade-affiliated Tugboat label asked the band to record a debut single on the label."

see sue tompkin's art here.
c/o modern institute.