Portrait of a Bed
Pt 5
Katharina Grosse
"happy house!"
more here.

lyrics by juan maclean, "happy house"
watch 22 minute jam here.
in tribute to jerry. here...
(this post inspired by jerry fuchs recent passing.)
i didn't know him, but his drumming fucking rocked!

"You came to me from my history
to sweep all the dust away
No, I never thought I would see today
So I thank you for just being so damn
You are so excellent
You saved me from a rainy day
And melted all the clouds in the sky
Yes, I always wished it could be this good
So I thank you for just being so damn

"You are so excellent
You still held me near when I was far away
Waiting for our sunny day
Living your life but always in mine
Thank you for just being so damn

"you are so excellent
You brought me home to this happy house"

happy house
(watch video here!)