"I always said it could,
they never though it would"

-the housemartins.

Gaetano Pesce
Tramonto a New York sofa
Cassina Italy,
c. 1980
upholstery over foam

Roberto Sebastian Matta
Simon Gavina Chile,
upholstery, nylon

Barnaba Visconti and Giovanni Ronzoni
Divano 2 Posti sofa from the Segni e Disegni collection
Italy, 1983
stained beech, lacquered wood, elastic cord, plastic, fabric

"Something’s going on, a change is taking place
Children smiling in the street have gone without a trace
This street used to be full, it used to make me smile
And now it seems that everyone is walking single file
And many hand their heads in shame
That used to hold them high
And those that used to say hello
Simply pass you by

Think for a minute, stop for a minute
Think for a minute, stop for a minute"

lyrics by the housemartins

"And nothing I could say
Could ever make them see the light.
Now apathy is happy that
It won without a fight....."