"The way that I approach making certain artworks is to have some kind of psychological position, a place that is grown from a certain ambiguity. You always have to think about materials in terms of being real things – you have to cut them off from what their real use is, to interfere in their world-ness. You have to start from this material basis, and understand yourself through the material – it gives you a means of detachment."

-Roger Hiorns
(read conversation here.)

"You have to believe
We are magic
Nothing can stand in our way
You have to believe
We are magic
Don't let your aim ever stray"

-Olivia Newton John

was Roger Hiorns’ most ambitious work to date and his first major sculptural project within an urban site, and it marked a radical shift in scale and context in his work. The artist encouraged the growth of an unexpected crystal form within a low-rise late-modernist development near the Elephant & Castle in south London."

contemplating the earth.
formations and light.

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