So there is no real standard for beauty?

Sean Scully: No, there is no standard anymore. There is no way of formulizing it anymore. There is no way of making a treatise to say in advance what beauty is, that is not the age we are in. I think we are in an age where there are many different options open. More or less, everything is possible in art. There aren't really any barriers anymore. There aren't really many barriers in socio-sexual behavior anymore. This all goes together, of course, as part of a cultural parcel. The only thing for me that distinguishes whether or not I think something is moving or profound or necessary or beautiful, they are all more or less the same thing to me, is whether it is convincing. And this in the end comes down to the character of the person making it, not the style in which it is made. I don't think that works any more.

taken from here.

to convince.
to mark.
to escape. and float. and regard beauty.

1. roger ackling, sunlight on wood
2. hadi tabatabai see his site here..
3. ken weathersby, c/o the neutral...., beautiful new work!!!!
4. johnathan kline, new basket collection, black ash baskets, here.
5. feature inc, group show, "tantra" here.
6. wes mills, consists of half of a red table that leans against the wall and has 5 red framed drawings of coins... here