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"I have found a definition of the beautiful.
It is something intense and sad, something a bit vague...
a contradictory impression of an ardor...
and a desire for life together with a bitterness which flows
back upon them as if from a sense of deprivation and hopelessness.
I do not pretend that joy cannot associate with Beauty,
but I will maintain that joy is one of her most vulgar adornments, while Melancholy
may be called her illustrious spouse, so much so that I can scarcely
conceive a type of beauty which has nothing to do with sorrow."


William Basinki

"In August and September 2001, he set to work on what would become his most recognizable piece, the four-volume album The Disintegration Loops. The recordings were based on old tape loops which had degraded in quality. While attempting to salvage the recordings in a digital format, the tapes slowly crumbled and left a timestamp history of their demise."