(liam gillick)

"colors and shapes!
let's paint our houses with stripes of bold!
colors.... colors.... colors......
they affect us!
they effect us!
they infect us!
they connect us! (everybody sings all together)"

-lyrics by unknown music troupe.

(richard telles group show now, "round up" now...)

unknown. the most beautiful balcony!

(painted houses.this image via ouno blog, a daily source of happiness.)

(matt connors, pure magic! some more images here.)

(gio ponti, 1954....)

(you live your way, ill live mine!)

"colors.... colors.... colors......
they affect us!
they effect us!"
repeat three times....

geometric tiles...

"Let's share the blue of the towering sky
The green of the hills that run by
Leave the red of your heart to decide
If you cannot choose which colour to use

I'll always wait, it's never too late
To colour me in
To colour me in"

(lyrics by broadcast....)

andrea sala ... here...

"Today or next year
I'll always be near
if you want to colour me in

I am grey, still on the page
Oh colour me in
Just an outline, sketchy but fine
Oh colour me in

(a taste of grey here.., by broadcast)