(lamps, by Gerald Thurston)

"In Isaac Newton's time, it was believed that white light was colorless, and that the prism itself produced the color. Newton's experiments convinced him that all the colors already existed in the light in a heterogeneous fashion, and that "corpuscles" (particles) of light were fanned out because particles with different colors traveled with different speeds through the prism. It was only later that Young and Fresnel combined Newton's particle theory with Huygen's wave theory to show that color is the visible manifestation of light's wavelength."
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The Opticks is a study of the nature of light and colour and the various phenomena of diffraction, which Newton called the "inflexion" of light.

(inaba, 2008, see more projects here..)

Prison?, we thought you said prism, 2008, Turin, Italy

(jessica eaton, via i heart photograph)

"A good prism breaks down a beam of light and re-aggregates it by color. The better the separation of light into colors, the better the prism."

(sterling ruby)

color and its absence. primary colors.
(inspired by the horrors, primary colors, via andahalf..... and here....)