3 shows in chinatown, los angeles
(energy, space, line, paint, dance, and concrete.)

warm summer afternoon looking at art.

Mark Roeder, c/o Sister
"There Is a Process of Analysis: Can It Be Asked Now Whether This Process Comes to an End? And If So, What Will the End Be?"

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Simone Forti

Born 1935, Florence, Italy
Lives in Los Angeles, California

Simone Forti is an internationally recognized performance innovator. Together with the artist Robert Morris, Forti founded an improvisational theater and dance group in San Francisco in 1957. The group attempted to create experiences that were liberated from the stylized choreography of ballet or the rigid formalism they saw in some modern dance. Forti created pieces that recreated every day movements like eating or dressing. She also explored the tensions of natural processes such as falling, rolling or climbing. At the forefront of the revolutionary blurring between art, life and performance that characterized contemporary art in the 1960s, Forti has continued to teach and create innovative performances that challenge both dancers and viewers to experience the movement of their own bodies.

To Borrow Salt, Work in a range of Mediums c/o The Box

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(the box, one of the most inspiring galleries here in los angeles at the moment.)

Stories, in life, do not exist.
Like a landscape in a picture,
set the lens, start the story,
from this tree,
this baby, lover,
lost job,

-S. Forti, 2009

Michael Rashkow
c/o China Art Objects... see more here.