''The desire for silence and infinity had already been born inside me." - Gabriella Crespi

Gabriella Crespi
Magic Cube Table

Italy, c. 1970
23.5 w x 23.5 d x 31 h inches
This table features two doors concealing a single shelf and four retractable shelves that each extended 16 inches.

taken from NY Times article here..

"The multifunctionality of her furniture is a Crespi trademark. She made coffee tables that rose to dining height, bookcases that became room dividers, seating that converted into beds. In her Yang Yin collection (1979), a cylindrical desk opened like a clamshell to reveal storage. There was also a Yang Yin bar and a free-standing wardrobe, like a steamer trunk, with hangers on one side and drawers on the other. They were made of contrasting materials — one side was ebony, for example, and the other brass."

"Crespi did not have a factory, or even a separate studio. She would make detailed drawings at home and bring them to various artisans around Milan, where, in those days, a designer could dream up a sensational piece and quickly have a prototype made, sometimes overnight, by a fine woodworker or metalsmith."

coffee table...

Italy, c. 1970
brass, enameled steel
27.5 w x 19.5 d x 16 h inches
Adjusting tabletop extends from 19.5 inches to 27.5 inches. Impressed signature to side: [Gabriella Crespi Brev.].

''I was inspired only by the universe.''