Feliz Gonazalez Torres: We are part of this culture, we don't come from outer space, so whatever I do is already something that has entered my brain from some other sources and is then synthesized into something new. I respect my elders and I learn from them. There's nothing wrong with accepting that. I'm secure enough to accept those influences. I don't have anxiety about originality, I really don't.

Roy McMakin for Heath Ceramics

Heath Event tonite.

“I am interested in memory, how subtle manipulations can trigger both familiarity and dissonance,” says McMakin.

Roy McMakin's work addresses the design and use of domestic environments, finding in them unexpected and hidden associations. Subtle and highly crafted, his furniture and his art explore the nature of function, ornamentation, decoration, and celebration in both public and private life.

Roy Mcmakin
Roy McMakin