alan uglow

Alan Uglow is widely known for subtle paintings composed of monochrome rectangular fields edged and bisected by stripes of contrasting colours. When he began to paint around 1965 he was mainly interested in the boundaries of the painting.

at Hester Square.....

The death of Louis Hardin, known to countless New Yorkers as "The Viking of Sixth Avenue", has ended one of the most colourful careers in 20th century music. Hardin, who was best known under his self-chosen nom de plume of Moondog, eventually won acceptance as a serious composer, but had been a cult figure for several decades prior to that recognition.

From the late 40s until his move to Germany in 1974, Hardin was a familiar fixture on Sixth Avenue in Manhatten. He was hard to miss -- tall, gaunt, and blind, he dressed in a Viking helmet, a homemade flowing robe, and carried a spear, a regalia inspired by his love of Norse culture. He lived on the street, performing and selling his music in all weathers, and became a cult figure in Manhatten lore, and a hero to both the Beat Generation poets and the hippie movement of the 60s.

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"Moondog was the pseudoynm of Louis Thomas Hardin (May 26, 1916–September 8, 1999), a blind American composer, musician, cosmologist, poet, and inventor of several musical instruments. Although these achievements would have been considered extraordinary for any blind person, Moondog further removed himself from society through his decision to make his home on the streets of New York for approximately twenty of the thirty years he spent in the city. The public began to appreciate the extent of Moondog's talents only in the final decades of Moondog's life, primarily because of his stubborn refusal to wear anything other than his own home-made clothes, all based on his own interpretation of the Norse god Thor. Indeed, he was known for much of his life as 'The Viking of 6th Avenue.'"