kurt kauper

People didn't really ask the question so much as assume that I'm gay. If a woman paints another woman in the nude, it would be interpreted as a painting having to do with a woman's identity. But when a man paints this painting, it's associated with homoerotic activity.

He is in fact straight and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

apartmento magazine

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jeff bark

michael hoppen contemporary

The much-anticipated new series of work by Jeff Bark, Woodpecker, is full of dark romanticism. Under the cover of a manufactured night, his young subjects indulge in skinny-dipping, huffing, smoking pot, and moments of introspection echoing Bark’s own memories of his near adulthood.

jeff bark

Pair of standing lamps, c. 1950s
Bronze, painted steel, marble base.Manufactured by Stilnovo, Italy. 196 cm. (77 3/4 in.) high.

ESTIMATE £1,200-1,800

Christoph Ruckhäberle: Dessins
Installation view, Sutton Lane, Paris
7 February - 4 March 2009

lisa yuskavage, 2009

david zwirner

"Yuskavage has sunk her erotic smurfs into a lime green never-never land that veers a little too close to the juvenile tastes of Michael Jackson's Ranch Art collection, about to go up for auction. Little people journey into the forest past giant Cabbage Patch dolls with pulsating clits. Some of them have come on their faces , or perhaps it's whipped cream." charlie finch