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Harry Edwards was the foremost healer in the UK from the 1940s until his death in 1976. Although he came late to healing, he literally healed thousands, and demonstrated his Healership in large venues such as the Albert Hall, London, where he gave contact healing. He received thousands of requests for absent healing, which led to the birth of the ‘Healing Minute’. This is still recognised today. Healers unite to give healing to the many that cannot attend for contact healing at 10pm each evening.

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As far as the Church was concerned, Harry Edwards was outraged that mainstream Christianity had abandoned healing. It was his view that the Church was disobeying the instructions of its founder by doing this and he often said so in public which, no doubt, did little to endear him to the leaders of the Anglican Church. He would answer Christian critics, some of whom accused him of doing the 'Devil's work', by saying that people should be able to have healing in church every Sunday, and that if this were done then the problem of dwindling congregations would be solved at a stroke. But, Edwards also warned all denominations that healing was the property of no one, including Spiritualists, because:-
'There is not one set of Divine laws for the Church of England and another set for the Methodists, the Congregationalists, and the Spiritualists. It is our common heritage. To try and control it by ritual or set performances of any kind, or to discipline, by set prayers, the healing efforts of healer priests will likewise fail.'(2)