thorsten brinkman

c/o kunstsgenten

eva hesse

photograph by dan fischer, c/o derek eller gallery

"Hesse is the most elusive artist of her generation. Her fiberglass buckets aren’t just fiberglass buckets. They’re almost alive."

She cultivated wrongness, mistakes, and surprise, hoping, like Zen artists, to make work that was unexpected and did not have the self-important air of high art.

Hesse’s brief oeuvre is now rapidly decaying, especially her latex sculptures. The image of brevity, in the art and the life, is now inescapable—and piercing.

mark stevens.

tomas alonso

(easy come, easy go!)

5 degree table

beech, laminated plywood, saling rope

Borrowing from the aesthetics of the 5 degree stool,
a temporary seating device reduced to the minimum expression,
the 5 degree table is an obvious evolution into a
temporary (or not so temporary) trestle table.