Bordeaux Table Lamp: designed by
Nathalie Du Pasquier in 1986 for Memphis, Italy.

via nova 68

Until 1986 she worked as a designer and was a founder member of Memphis for which she designed many textiles, carpets, furniture and objects. When the group broke up in 1987, painting became her main activity. Nathalie Du Pasquier’s subject is broadly described as ‘still-life’, she paints directly from life, without photographic go-betweens, and without fantastic inventions. There are two distinct stages of her work: first she constructs her composition - choosing objects and arranging them, observing the play of light and shadow. The second stage sees the artist transfer the drawing onto canvas or paper. Yet there is nothing life-like about her paintings and drawings, in the common sense of the term, and nothing naturalistic either. In recent years her need for physical, three-dimensional concreteness has made itself felt, taking form in sculptural projects and spatial installations