(all photos by David John)

A long weekend spent winding up the coast to wine country(!) in Northern California with our cameras in hand to photograph our lasted DISC Interiors residential project we recently completed. During the planning phases we decided to stay a night in San Francisco, one of the main reasons being to see the store, owned by Sam Hamilton, called MARCH.

Josh Vogel has works in abundance in MARCH, some that were part of a show from earlier this year. (read a previous interview with Josh Vogel here) Also, a basket maker and artist also from New York I admire, Jonathan Kline, had sculptural large forms in March's store front window and smaller works/baskets scattered through out the store. - David John

works by Josh Vogel

"There is a very big aspect of the work that I do that is rooted in a long line of craft tradition. One of my favorite quotes to paraphrase is Isaac Newton’s one about "standing on the shoulders of giants…And if I have seen further it’s because…”.

Checking in with this idea is very much a part of my daily life. But, I gather as much inspiration and motivation from my daily life, my immediate environment, & the people around me as I do from looking backwards or forwards. The instance of my own connection happens only by being absolutely present & engaged. It unfolds & reveals itself moment to moment…there is no great mystery here, it’s just the nature of work & being creative.

read full interview with Josh Vogel here.

Sculptures by Jonathan Kline,
Blackash Baskets, Trumansburg, NY

Stools by Sawkille, Catskills NY