Garde, Los Angeles

Felicia Ferrone
Vincent VanDuysen

above: work by felicia ferrone, photography by david john

Last Spring, I photographed and wrote about a new Los Angeles design store focused on the home called GARDE for Remodelista. (view the article and photographs here). It was during my initial visit that I met Scotti Sitz, the owner of GARDE. Her curation and collections continue to evolve, and so have our conversations concerning architecture & interior design. Scotti sent me a note about new work arriving this past week at GARDE: Vincent VanDuysen's ceramic and sandblasted oak containers ("when objects work"), and Felicia Ferrone's Revolution Collection. Simply fantastic to see this work finally being represented in Los Angeles!

Volume Gallery in Chicago was my first introduction to Felicia Ferrone's work (Volume 2 in 2010.) "Her minimalist sensibilities are evident in the formal simplicity of the Revolution Collection, as is her passion for reinterpreting conventional designs, offering fresh solutions that enrich our everyday environments." She has reinterpreted the champagne flute / shot glass for this collection, embracing the form, the liquid, and the moment of celebration.

GARDE is also representing the Belgian company, Peter van Cronenburg, "a high-service company with its own foundry that delivers high-quality hand-made architectural hardware." Looking forward to using their hardware on an upcoming interior project.

- David John

above: vincent vanduysen's ceramic containters
below: felicia ferrone's revolution collection