(almost) Perfect Containment

Darrly Carter
Micahel Heizer

(almost) Perfect Containment
There is a delicate & fine (beautiful) line between (new) traditional interiors and 60's minimalism. A dedication to reduction and clarity in color and form.

1. Interiors by Darryl Carter, via Veranda Magazine

2. Michael Heizer, via David Zwirner, NY. 1960's and 1970's.

"The awareness of space and form articulated in Heizer’s paintings and earthworks is further pronounced in his sculptures, or “object sculptures” as he refers to them, in which scale, mass, gesture, and process are explored. The Minimalist shapes which he employs reference objects and architectures of ancient cultures; however, an extreme reduction of form underlines the artist’s interest in the spatial function form has within the “emptiness” of space. His preoccupation with the elementary forms of the square, rectangle, and circle, which reappear throughout his practice, come to full fruition in his sculptural works such as Vermont, 1977. Made using grey granite, this work is comprised of circles and their equivalent segments or fractions, arranged together in such a way that the harmonious relationship between the parts and the whole is emphasized."