Barragan vs. Mangold : "The Quiet Revolution"

"try me, senseless today. before daylight they came.
falling, not to get up.
before, nothing could change.

"try me, so tender. the last time it's so nice to get there.
try me, so tender. bet you don't foget to wonder too. a balance has taken so long."

1. Luis Barragan House, Tacubaya, Mexico City 1947 ... "Through a combination of International Style and traditional Mexican architecture and materials, Barragan created a modernism not of industrialized Europe, but of pre-industrial Mexico, not of sleek steel and glass but of warm, natural materials; not of the modernist "machine for living" but of spaces that respect human needs. - "Barragan" Armando Salas Portugal photographs, Rizzoli

2. Julia Mangold Untitled, 1994 Waxed steel 100 x 205 x 15 cm Private collection, USA. Bartha Contemporary. ... "Striped to a bare minimum Mangold’s sculptures and works on paper reflect on a visual language associated with early American Minimalism as well as European concrete art, however rather than merely relying on a limited notion of romanticised modernism or an hard edge aesthetic the artist’s works evolve through a refined play on human scale and the deliberate confrontation of precise forms and sensual surfaces. It is the artist’s inherent ability to unite these two seemingly opposing traits, which in turn lend the works an extraordinary sense of presence."

all lyrics by sea and cake, "everyday"