DISC Interiors

"In California, where the climate is temperate and houses are small (and expensive), it's common for homeowners to annex the garage as living space. This parking-space-turned-garden-room in West LA by David John and Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors might be the prettiest garage conversion we've seen yet." - Remodelista

Our latest residential project was published today on Remodelista. Thank you for the kind words! This space is rich in work by L.A. artisans and designers. For a full listing of our projects go to DISC Interiors. And go to Remodelista to read full article.

"DISC Interiors provides our clients with tailored, warm, and inviting spaces. We begin with a conversation of ideas, which leads to sketches, and eventually into realized and living spaces. We approach each project differently, seeking to fully understand the client's needs and expectations.

We look to well-crafted furniture, modern and traditional materials, and textures as inspiration for our projects. We are inspired by modern aesthetics that speak of a specific place and history. While our combined backgrounds in craft and graphic design define our distinct perspective on interior design, it is our relationships with artisans, furniture and textile designers that enable us to realize our designs.

Above all else, we believe spaces should be filled with personality, warmth, and above all, simply feel good."