a tour of Modern-Aire

"a third generation family owned and operated company
which has been in business since

a custom hood in it's last moments before getting shipped.

is one of the generous sponsors for the upcoming Modenus blog tour in NYC in a few weeks. This morning, I took a tour of their facility in North Hollywood, where they produce their stunning, custom-made hoods. It's rare to see small companies producing everything in-house these days, but this is Modern-Aire's way. I admire their dedication to craft. With over 56 years here in Los Angeles, it's impressive to hear how a company is able to produce honest, useful, and beautiful works for the home.

In one area of the warehouse, sheets of metal are cut in preparation. Next they are formed by an artisan that has worked with the company 20 plus years, and assembled by hand, then powder-coated to perfection, and shipped off in their warehouse. Truly astounding to see these hoods being built before my eyes. Their custom work ranges from ultra-modern seamless hoods to traditional decorative hoods.

Thanks Robert, see you in New York. - David John

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