Wendy White on Freunde Von Freunden

I'm thrilled to be contributing to the Berlin based magazine, Freunde von Freunden for their 100th interview, featuring NY artist, Wendy White. FvF "portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or within their daily working environments. " They have featured stunning video interviews with Joseph Dirand, and Karen and Christian Boros. Looking forward to working with FvF on some upcoming stories!

(Read the full interview here.)

"Wendy White took us to her to studio in Chinatown, and kindly gave us a tour around her neighborhood in New York City. It’s really the ideal place to think about her latest work. Glorious rambunctious color drives the works, with collapsing angular fonts being forced off the grid. It’s easy to get lost in the energy in her work. Some canvases sloped onto the floor, others spaciously separated.

Her work is a tale of the modern city, void of logic, overflowing with spray painted emotions. Ed Ruscha captured the Los Angeles notion of light and ease, while Wendy’s work is a reflection of her home on the East Coast in New York, the quickened sensations of life."

- David John

Wendy White is showing with Henning Strassburger at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V. in Berlin, that opens January 26, 2012.

Interview: Oliver Kann, Frederik Frede
Text: David John
Photography: Fette Sans