"What you SEE is what you SEE"

the interior designer
the artist

“I wanted work that didn’t involve incredible assumptions about everything…I didn’t want work that was general or universal in the usual sense. I didn’t want it to claim too much

—Donald Judd

"All I want anyone to get out of my painting, and all I ever get out of them, is the fact
that you can see the whole idea without any confusion… What you see is what you see.”

—Frank Stella

"I don't obsess over how it looks; I care how I feel in it and I care how others feel in it."

- Larry Vodak

photograph Larry Vodak's home in Chicago, Owner of Scout

The above image is taken from the new book, Chicago Spaces, Inspiring Interiors.
Lots has changed in the neighborhood that I lived in the early 1990's. Hoping to visit soon.

"Compiled by the editors of Chicago Home + Garden magazine (a publication of Chicago magazine), Chicago Spaces is divided into two parts. The first features homes in their entirety, while the second focuses on specific rooms: dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, baths, dens, foyers, and children’s rooms. Readers will learn how these spaces came together and find tips for making changes in their own homes, as well as a directory of the best furniture and accessories shops in the area."