ITEM is a project where an object is singled out, obsessively researched,
sourced and then held in an exhibition and sold to celebrate it.

The first ITEM is the
CANDLE and the first celebration is Dec. 6, 6-8,
at R 20th Century Gallery at 82 Franklin.

"Hand made traditional Byzantine candles made in Florina, Greece"

will present a collection of candles sourced from around the world.

These unique specimens include: (1) Byzantine candles from Greece made by one of the last artisans of this style (2) Hand dipped 3 branched Swedish grenljus candles associated with Christmas (3) Jewish Havdallah candles lit at the end of the Sabbath (4) Japanese handmade sumac candles and many others.

The candles will be on display in a unified installation, at once amplifying the differences in shape and style while also suggesting a universal essence of candle-ness. ITEM is a project started in 2011 by Leah Singer and Julia Trotta. The mission is to single out and to obsess over singular objects, presenting them in an installation setting.

ITEM has no fixed address.
More of ITEM at their tumbler.