xiral segard
pierre vadi

"In his installations, objects, and maps Pierre Vadi highlights moments in which reality seems to flee from itself, and everyday life is transformed into a frequently ironic décor with a complacent touch. (here)
"the melody is inside all of us."

lampe gayalux
pierre vadi

image 1:

The Gayalux lamp is both sculptural and light. This ball mineral is anchored on the ground, it seems to levitate with his streak of light passing through it. Concrete leaves architecture for the object, the block is curved like a skin. (here)

Xiral Segard (born 1972) studied Applied Arts at the Olivier de Serres and Duperré. Fascinated by the concept of "work in progress " and the architecture, she is focused on concrete, building material. In 1998, she created his first collection, the series " Wall Of Fame" candlesticks concrete , followed Lamps "Gayalux" in 2003, photophores "Jour de Fêtes" and " Les Morand" bowls concrete reliefs starred in 2005. These collections exposed and marketed to the shop "Bo" (75003 Paris), at Nantes, Le Havre and Genève.

image 2:

Pierre Vadi - Alcaline Earth du 18 décembre 2009 - au 30 janvier 2010, via here...