Jerry McMillan's torn bags
" It is portal to a world of discovery, as his collection has been to me."

Over the past month, I've been immersed in Richard Dorso's collection that will be up for auction on October 9 at LAMA. Dorso's vast collection spans many decades, countries, and mediums. Like all great collectors, he collected what simply captured his heart and imagination. His collection speaks of not only the art, but of the people he interacted with, friends, art dealers, and artists. Last week while working with his collection for the upcoming YHBHS installation, I came across a sculpture, protected in a plexiglass glass box: inside, a torn paper bag revealing a "door." A portal to a new world of discovery, as his collection has been to me. This work is Untitled (torn bag) from 1971, by Jerry McMillan.

Jerry McMillan is also part of Cherry Martin's restaging of curator Peter Bunnellʼs landmark 1970 exhibition, Photography into Sculpture. "Described in the original wall text as “the first comprehensive survey of photographically formed images used in a sculptural or fully dimensional manner,” Photography into Sculpture brought together a cross-section of artists from across the United States and Canada. The show encapsulated the radical gestures of late 1960's photographic practice, both inside and outside the photo world. " Cherry Martin's programming is some of the best in this city, and this show is another example of their approach to contemporary + historical programming that is so needed, and so rare to find in a private gallery.

It's a rocking time to be in L.A. Make time for Pacific Standard Time events, or you'll be sorry.... - David John

images above:

Left: Lot 84 Jerry McMillian Untitled (Torn Bag) 1971 Mixed Media #52 of 100 11" x 6" x 5"; Box 13" x 8.5" x 7" Estimate $200 - 300 To be offered in the October 9, 2011 Auction of The Estate of Richard Dorso at LAMA

Right: Jerry McMillan Torn Bag 1968 Photo-offset craft paper bag construction with shelf and Plexiglas cover, Cherry Martin Gallery