"Whether you comprehend it or not, you don’t understand it all. It’s infinite." - Lynda Benglis
"Like a tower ready to fall, Spinning over the ground" - Mark Eitzel
"anti form: the perpetuation of FORM is functioning idealism" - Robert Morris, 1968

Lynda Benglis EAT MEAT, 1969/75 Bronze

"Like a tower ready to fall, Spinning over the ground
Like the gorilla ride, There's moments and minutes
There's seasons and there's dreams, Glued onto dreams,
And everything's beautiful"
- Mark Eitzel

Lynda Benglis' retrospective finally makes it to the West Coast, after being at the New Museum in New York for the first half of 2011! The opening at MOCA is this weekend, and her work will slowly be slumping into our subconscious. Benglis' "fallen paintings" and post-minimal sculptures shaped my perceptions of space and interiors. I was introduced to her work about the same time I was reading Anne Truitt's Davbook. To this day, I still think of some of Benglis' works as "melted Anne Truitts." It's strange how the mind works.

If "space is the place", then I'd like to be on my back, slumped on "EAT MEAT 1969/1975" staring at the stars, and thinking about collapsing post-modern forms and fallen civilizations. - David John


"But actually it’s really a marriage between the conscious and the unconscious that occupies the creative mind. I find what the materials can do and within that context there is that decision-making. In the beginning I romanticized it; and you can say what you want, it is still confined by the format. I saw visions of clouds yesterday; you couldn’t imagine how complicated they were on all horizons. That’s one reason I love New Mexico! The kinds of images of the clouds are infinite.

I think we deal with an INFINITE imagination!
This is how the artists must get the God-complex! However, the artist is always dealing with the bounds of the material and the unbounded nature of the universe and of the imagination – and trying to mark the time. Whether you comprehend it or not, you don’t understand it all. It’s infinite."

( Lynda Benglis talks to Marina Cashdan, via FRIEZE. take time to read the entire article here.)

lyrics taken from Mark Eitzel's 60 Watt Silver Lining

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