Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 27

Kevin Beer,
artist & designer, Hollywood
"This book is a constant reminder that perfection does not have to mean brand new."

Vestiges of Grandeur: Plantations of Louisiana's River Road
by Richard Sexton, with an introduction by Eugene Cizek

Kevin Beer
writes: "This book gives me great comfort. Visually, it supplies me with a since of refinement that is nearly impossible to find in Hollywood. Emotionally, it connects me to my past family roots and the land my ancestors came from. This book is a constant reminder that perfection does not have to mean brand new. Most of the rooms featured are classical proportioned, climate inspired, and modestly furnished. All these elements I try to achieve in my own design. I love this book. "

"Published in 1999, Vestiges of Grandeur is perhaps best described as a companion volume to New Orleans: Elegance and Decadence. This project focuses on the historic plantation architecture of the River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. In many ways, Vestiges of Grandeur is a refinement of the photo-essay approach that proved so successful in Elegance and Decadence. The subject matter, though, is more somber. Whereas Elegance and Decadence was a celebration, Vestiges of Grandeur is more of a lament. Also, Vestiges is more journalistically ambitious and seeks to present a more definitive picture of its subject."

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Kevin Beer is an artist-designer living in an old house in the heart of Hollywood. He has come to realize you never get discovered in Hollywood, you discover Hollywood. In his words: "I am a designer, an artist, and a dealer of antique and vintage decorative arts. I design residential and commercial interior and exterior spaces. When I'm not designing, I'm sleeping, and even then I may shout out colors. My passion as well, is collecting and selling decorative arts. I am a treasure hunter. "

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