the smoky mountains,
North Carolina.

southern interiors + architecture.

the smoky mountains,
north carolina
interiors + architecture.

1. Grocery store porch in Cashiers, North Carolina.
Picnic tables, colored stripes.

2. Somehow the antler chandeliers don't feel so outdated out here in bear country! This restaurant was "all porch." Huge vaulted ceilings, that overlooked the dense forest, and thunderstorm clouds flying high and dark. Only in the south, could a hot, humid, summer lunch be so perfect.

3. The lake. Upon boarding the boat, I spotted an outdoor carport / patio that overlooked the lake. Right on!

4. The lake house. I was impressed with the geometric design on the deck of this lake house. Many amazing houses on the lake, that appeared to have the same builder / architect. This house stood high above with its deck that even Louise Bourgeois might have loved!