conceptual salvage and interiors

when cabinets
have a story.

the dresser
by Rupert Blanchard

"Every drawer has a history, i could go on for ages just telling you about my history with the drawers but here is a short run down of where i discovered each drawer used in the piece above:

3 Victorian mahogany chest drawers from Wimbledon, London //
6 Haberdashery Shop drawers oak and glass from Battersea, London //
3 Singer sewing machine table drawers from a factory in Shoreditch, London //
2 oak fitted wardrobe drawers from Margate //
1 very small drawer made from scrap wood by my friend Martin Bates //
1 teak fronted 50s office desk drawer from Clapham, London //
2 Art Deco dressing table drawers from Clapham, London //
1 oak sideboard fitted cutlery drawer from Margate //
1 Victorian mahogany office cabinet drawer from Margate //
1 foxed mirror from a hall stand from Wimbledon edged with teak from a science lab table from Northampton and
a handle found in Brick Lane.

Rupert Blanchard is.....

"An art director specializing in
conceptual salvage and interiors"

- Adam Carr (Today Is Boring)

via tell you today. thanks g!
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