YHBHS on the move!

Schindler Apartment
Los Angeles
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(short term Schindler!)

Anyone who knows me, has heard me endlessly talking about
selling my house for the past few months.

(Sorry, do I sound like a broken record yet?)

Well, I am in escrow for the third time (keep your fingers crossed!).
When I sell, I'm looking to stay in glorious Los Angeles.

Being such a homebody, the whole process freaks me out,
but I'm coping...
(btw, my new favorite blog, homebodies! awesome liz..)

But on the upside, I've been exploring lots of new apartments,
lofts, and hidden alcoves here in Los Angeles.
This one was found on Craig's List this morning.

Gotta love a short term Schindler!
And the view from the bed,
well, it just doesn't get much
better than this!

this collection of succulents is just perfect!

"The apartment was designed by R. M. Schindler. It is one unit of a 16-unit apartment complex, built between the years 1926-40. It was originally called Manola Court, the Herman Sachs Apartments, and is listed in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art guide # D.4.5. Sixteen City view apartments are sited on three street to street parcels. Like an ancient European hill town, Schindler steps the buildings up the hillside, and creates a sense of community by interconnecting living space with garden walkways. The unique character of the individual units is unified and tied together with extended window fascia, and abstract ornamentation that organizes the massing of the spaces, as well as accentuating the dynamic vertical thrust of the buildings. Each apartment was designed with great care, to include outdoor space and private courtyards and entrances.

Because of the international recognition of this low density garden apartment complex, it is eligible for cultural historic monument status.
The apartment complex is situated in the hills of Silver Lake, staggered up a hillside between Lucile Ave and Edgecliffe.
My apartment is on the Lucile side.
It is a small quiet street with a European feel. The exterior of my apartment has been reproduced in books and magazines on Schindler."

"relaxing on the top of the world. "

"The apartment is small, but with the fantastic views and sunlight, and with the outdoor area, it seems very open. It was designed to be very open to the outside, with lots of air and light. It is a very inspiring place for writing, reading, relaxing, and creative work. The neighbors take great pride in their apartments and many have lived there for a long time, and are very knowledgeable about the building's history. "

Schindler Apartment Los Angeles
go here..
or here.
(short term Schindler!)