Movimento Spaziale


"Spatialism is an art movement, headed by Argentinian artist Lucio Fontana in 1946, which came about right along with the birth of Abstract Expressionism in New York City.
Fontana called the movement Movimento Spaziale.
Spatialism combines ideas from the Dada movement, Tachism and Concrete art.

Fontana wanted to create art for
"a new age" that would show the "real space of the world."

What separated the movement from Abstract Expressionism was the concept of eradicating the art of the easel and paint, and try to capture movement and time as the main tenets in the work. Fontana's most famous works are his slashed canvases, which broke right through the picture plane. The legacy Fontana left was one for conceptual artists and environmental artists who would continue his ideas of transcending from the canvas and into the realm of reality."

Lucio Fontana, 1968

cast and hand-punctured porcelain
11.5 w x 1.5 d x 15 h inches
Signed on applied plaque to verso ‘L. Fontana’

This work is numbered 23 from the edition of 75 published by Rosenthal. This series of porcelain is unusual in that it combines mechanical and manual production. The works are first cast in a mold and subsequently punctured and incised by the artist, rendering each example unique.

text from wikipedia.
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