House is not universal. 
House is hyper-specific. (midtown 120 intro)

"the life we share"

A new magazine launched this year called Open House Magazine. Based in Barcelona, Spain, OPENHOUSE explores the space that results from the intersection of design and food, "the life of the interior, if you will." What happens to spaces after they are designed, how they function, and the people that inhabit the spaces and the stories they tell. The Autumn/Winter Issue has articles with Jerome Waag, Head Chef at Chez Panisse in San Francisco, and the FvF Apartment in Berlin, among others. Looking forward to more issues. Congrats Andrew and Mari! - David John

"OPENHOUSE Magazine is a twice yearly publication, that looks to bright, creative people from around the world, that open their homes or their private spaces to the public, to make different activities about gastronomy, art and design.  Printed in Lleida, Openhouse is a magazine of 144 pages, filled with beautiful photography, interesting interviews of people who open special places around the world that the reader can visit and join in with the activities.   Openhouse is also a guide to their secret loved places in their towns, and some favourite recipes. Openhouse is a multi lingual publication; all articles are published in English and the language of the interviewee.   

Openhouse was started by Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal, and we are building a small team of collaborators who are designers, writers and photographers from all around the world." 

more about Openhouse Magazine here.