new ceramic works by 
Wouter Hoste

"I wish I never saw the sunshine 
I wish I never saw the sunshine " (beth orton)

 Perignem Studio in Beernem

In a few weeks, I'll be traveling to Antwerp, Brussels, and Ghent in search of architecture, design and decorative art, and hopefully be doing a few studio visits while I am there with some Belgian designers. If there are any studios I should visit, please reach out to me.  I recently became fascinated with a ceramicist working in Antwerp who is creating towering lamps that appear to be inspired by this notion and struggle of "lightness vs darkness" as well as other vessels.

Wouter Hoste's new ceramic works are simply otherworldly, inspired by science fiction and scenes from Kubrick's "2001 Space Odyssey" as well as the minimal black and white atmosphere seen in THX by George Lucas.  Hoste's works are handmade, built and constructed by coils and slab building, which lead to irregular forms that give his work a unique sense of strength and imbalance.  His palette consists of an incredible deep "blackness" and "foamy" whites, as well of off whites and metallic silvers.

Born in Ghent Belgium, Hoste graduated from the Antwerp Art Academy in the fashion department, and is currently working in Antwerp at the Perignem Studio in Beernem.  His works can be currently seen at Galeria Patrick Fourtin in Paris, with selections from his "Moonraker" series and the "Essential Surface" series. - David John