"A Frame for Life"

"Design can be a powerful force. I have never understood why interior design is often so underestimated, misunderstood and trivialised. It is too often dismissed as something superficial, without intrinsic value. An ‘add-on’. It’s a mistake that it is considered a luxury to be applied if there is money left at the end, rather than an integral part of making and shaping new realities from the outset." - Ilse Crawford, taken from "A Frame for Life"

"I consider myself a quiet revolutionary. My design puts the human being at the centre. I am fascinated by what drives us, brings us together and ultimately makes us feel alive. At Studioilse we address changing times and values in our mission to promote good, sensible design and its power to improve the way we work and live. The studio manifests this through design that makes buildings, spaces, brands and furniture that are warm, not ‘cool’. We are interested in how design affects us rather than in the image, integrating design with human behaviour, starting from the point of view of the individual. We look at a project from physical and emotional perspectives, practical and poetic, individual and social before creating a design that engages us physically, emotionally, subliminally and sensorially, so as to make a place that enhances life and enables us to thrive. A place that people love. You can design the most incredible place and yet it requires people to make it a reality. Buildings and their interiors are made to be used. From the outset, the people who will live there, use it, operate it, adapt and adopt it are as much a part of our understanding of the context we are working with as the financial facts or the physical possibilities. " - Ilse Crawford

"For us interior design is about so much more than choosing furniture, and it is our mission to change this perception. Good interior design is always about more than the way things look (although that is certainly an important part of the toolkit). It is about making sure the human experience is prioritized when we build. It is about human happiness and well being. It is about making life better. After all, inside buildings is where we live. "

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